Ouzo granita vs. Gin and Tonic sorbet: A cool Greek/British battle

γρανίτα ούζο, σορμπέ τζιν τόνικ

“Let’s make a gin and tonic sorbet”, my friend Sophie, who’s from Wales, said one extremely warm evening. ”And why don’t we try making an ouzo granita, darling?” I countered, sticking up for our national drink. And so the fierce World Cup rivalry and national fanaticism transferred themselves to my kitchen with an armoury of two national drinks from Greece ...

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rich chocolate mousse: a game of sweet seduction

rich chocolate mousse

Chocolate has been used for hundreds of years to seduce prospective beaux or to lure back those for whom the spark may be dwindling… and what better time of year than Valentine’s Day to put this into practice? ….Yes, I know that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured celebration designed to swell Hallmark profits, but sometimes it’s good to put cynicism ...

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