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history of the burger

the history of the burger: from the lounge backwards

The national American food adored by young people all over the world but considered “plastic” and avoided by the elderly, can easily transfer from the fast food chain to the home and with a little care, become everyone’s favourite food. First chapter, the origin of the burger and it’s growing up.

all about burgers A-Z

all about burgers A-Z | what, how, why

We all love the perfect burger - a light, fluffy brioche bun, succulent meat, sauces and yummy trimmings. So we grappled seriously with them, debunking every myth, to enable you to easily and quickly make the best ever at home. All you need to know about burgers, from A-Z. From the history and the techniques, to the secrets and the more gourmet combinations.


επιδόρπιο - γλυκό

συνταγή για μαρμελάδα ντομάτας

tomato marmalade with kirsch

We can’t help but wonder… Is there any recipe that tomatoes can’t find their way in? We tried tomato marmalade with Κirsch and we have to tell you… the answer is NO!

easy homemade donuts

Homemade donuts – edible rings of pleasure

Oh, these guilty pleasures of ours. We bring you the homemade recipe of a dessert that united the world… Its name: Doughnut!

caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

Allow yourself to be seduced by the caramel as you treat your senses with a dessert that resembles no other. Who said warmth is not hidden in winter too?

πικάντικο σορμπέ με φράουλες και τσίλι

strawberry and chilli sorbet: cool sweetness with unexpected fire…

The combination of strawberry and chilli may strike you as an odd one, but I ...



bolognese sauce

Best bolognese sauce in town (and it’s a big town…)

The taste is unique, absolutely made with love; the classic Bolognese sauce is incredibly flavorful, hearty, with rich addictive aroma, almost creamy in consistency and so satisfying. It is the answer to the question ‘why we love Italian food’.

coronation chicken

coronation chicken – from 1953

What with the birth of a new baby who is third in line to the ...

cypriot meatballs -keftedes

cypriot meatballs with potato and fame

The power of the East, held captive in a meatball. Α secret recipe that has evolved over time, is finally revealed by an original Cypriot family.

goat fricassée

goat fricassée: cubism with celery sticks

Slow-cooked pieces of tender goat leg with celery, inspired by Cubism and Braque's works. The simplicity of a light sauce brings out the essential flavours of the ingredients and makes the dish unpretentiously fine. Cubistic goat fricassée with celery.



youvarlakia meatballs

Youvarlakia: a study on a Greek dish

Youvarlakia, one of the most flavorful dishes in Greek cuisine, is immersed in a velvety egg and lemon sauce ―a miracle of balanced taste, texture and appearance, delightful to the eye and to the palate. Try out this excellent version, and one of the best recipes of Pandespani.


Brit Delight: Stilton and Leek Soup

A creamy soup with the signature English cheese. Easy to make, rich in flavor and perfect for winter.

gazpacho cold Spanish tomato soup

gazpacho: the chilled tomato soup of Andalucia

A Spanish classic dish with the powerful simplicity of raw Mediterranean flavours. Gazpacho, the chilled tomato soup makes an ideal first course for every summer dinner.

σούπα με παστινάκι

curried parsnip soup

The kind of food that makes you feel like being snuggled up on the sofa next to a blazing log fire, wearing your most comfortable clothes and cashmere socks... An easy to make, delicious recipe.


μαγειρικά μυστικά

μαρμελάδα σύκο

μαρμελάδα σύκο: ο Αύγουστος στο χειμώνα

“Σύκον χειμώνος αιτώ” έλεγαν οι αρχαίοι ημών πρόγονοι για τις άκαιρες επιθυμίες. Γιατί το σύκο ...

quiche with lentils, gruyere and Vin Santo sauce

κις με φακές, γραβιέρα και σάλτσα με βινσάντο

Μερικά βασικά υλικά, ενάμισυ φλυτζάνι όσπρια που περίσσεψαν και λίγη φαντασία. Αυτά χρειάζονται για να κάνετε μια νόστιμη και πρωτότυπη κις με φακές και γραβιέρα. Συνοδέψτε με μια γρήγορη, αρωματική σάλτσα με βινσάντο.

καραμελωμένες πατάτες

καραμελωμένες πατάτες Cajun

Cajuns είναι οι απόγονοι των Ακάδων που ήταν Γάλλοι έποικοι του Ανατολικού Καναδά, οι οποίοι ...

κουνέλι με λεμονοθύμαρο και πατάτες μάφιν

κουνέλι με λεμονοθύμαρο και πατάτες-μάφιν

Όταν ένα κουνέλι εμφανίζεται και ανατρέπει τη σχέση με το κουνέλι. Θα μπορούσε και έτσι ...