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ρυζι & ζυμαρικά (μακαρονια)

μπιριάνι ρύζι ινδικό

Vegetarian Biryani: India’s celebration rice

Biryani is the celebratory Indian dish and usually includes meat. This particular recipe comes from Southern India, however, and is vegetarian. It’s very easy to make, looks impressive and scents the room with cinnamon and cardamom.

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pesto with zucchini and walnut

pesto with zucchini and walnut

This is a summer and winter version of a fragrant zucchini pesto that can be used as a crostini appetizer and with pasta.

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ριζότο Α

Risotto all’onda; Addictive – Part I

The Risotto is one of the greatest culinary inventions. It’s not just a dish, but an idea – a creative concept which manages, in a totally original way, to make a magical dish with numerous variations out of a humble foundation.

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delicious strawberry risotto

pink strawberry risotto: a savory surprise

A beautifully flavourful risotto with strawberries carries the sweet fruit’s aroma while remains surprisingly savory. The pink strawberry risotto is the perfect dish for the spring.

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chef, 2014

Chef: Cubanos start-up

Μια κακή κριτική ενός μπλόγκερ μαγειρικής κάνει βόλτα στο τουίτερ και αναποδογυρίζει τη ζωή ενός chef. Η μαγειρική όμως και το πάθος του γι' αυτήν (και για πολλούς ακόμη) δεν τελειώνει στην υψηλή κουζίνα!

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keftedakia kinezika

τα κινέζικα κεφτεδάκια της Έτνας

Αυτή η συνταγή είναι η αγαπημένη της μικρής μου κόρης εδώ και χρόνια. Tην πρώτη ...

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γαλλικό τοστ - french toast με μπέικον

french toast όπως λέμε … french kiss

…ούτε french fries, οι γνωστές τηγανητές πατάτες, ούτε french manicure, η λεπτή άσπρη γραμμή στα ...

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bbq sauce - εύκολη μπάρμπεκιου σος

μπάρμπεκιου σος (bbq sauce) – η καπνιστή ερωμένη

Καφεκόκκινη, λαχταριστή μπάρμπεκιου σος με την καπνιστή πάπρικα να κρατάει τα ηνία της συνταγής και να ξεχωρίζει με την μοναδική γεύση της. Συνοδέψτε κρέας, μπέργκερ αλλά και νηστίσιμα θαλασσινά.

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επιδόρπιο - γλυκό

home-made strawberry mille-feuille

crispy strawberry mille-feuille – pleasure within a thousand leaves

Strawberry mille-feuille as we say pleasure, as we say sweetness. Who said the treasure of Napoleon was not edible?

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sweet crêpes

sweet crêpes for lovers’ mornings

Lazy mornings are for the loved ones, sweet crepes too. They go with breakfast or brunch and they take you from the bedroom to the kitchen and back, and if you want to stretch the drowsy sweet moments, they can be a tasteful excuse.

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tiramisu: my whole life

When the romantic comedy 'Sleepless in Seattle' was released, tiramisu become instantly famous. An ambiguous dialogue in the screenplay succeeded in establishing the divine but so far unknown taste of this Italian Semifreddo amongst the most popular desserts in the world.

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κρεμ μπρουλέ

crème brûlée: vanilla decadence

This classic dessert was a staple at 70’s and ‘80’s dinner parties but waned in ...

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ψαρι και θαλασσινα

grilled squid, octopus and iIlex

grilled squid, octopus and illex

A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate summer combination.

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scallops with orange juice

scallops in love: with orange juice, ginger and avocado

Scallops are, without exaggeration, one of the most cosmopolitan mollusks as they are found in ...

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spicy octopus

mini spicy octopus a la diablo

Tender, fresh bite size octopus cooked with wine and a chilli pepper undertone. The taste of the Mediterranean Sea in a simple delicious dish.

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mussels with paprika and herbs recipe

steamed mussels with paprika and herbs

Elegance unveiled from a shell or you may as well call it the diamond of gourmet cuisine. Mussels with paprika and herbs.

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ζύμες & πίτες

quiche with lentils, gruyere and Vin Santo sauce

quiche with lentils, gruyere and Vin Santo sauce

In less than an hour, people will remember you as the one who transformed humble lentils into an elegant pie. Try our gourmet legume quiche recipe and prepare to be surprised.

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crispy cheese pies for every occasion

the little crispy cheese pies of grandma Athena

Gracefully small, shiny, crispy cheese pies of baked pastry and spicy, peppery cheese. Easy to make, they have the absolute homely taste that connects food and flavours with memories and emotions.

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easy homemade donuts

Homemade donuts – edible rings of pleasure

Oh, these guilty pleasures of ours. We bring you the homemade recipe of a dessert that united the world… Its name: Doughnut!

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perfect homemade burger with caramelised onions

perfect homemade burger with handmade brioche bun

Without the use of mixers or rolling pins, only a spoon and a little tender love, the brioche bun will rise in the oven and become ready to support even the juiciest burger. A perfect homemade burger with caramelized onions and crispy French fries.

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γρανίτα ούζο, σορμπέ τζιν τόνικ

Ouzo granita vs. Gin and Tonic sorbet: A cool Greek/British battle

“Let’s make a gin and tonic sorbet”, my friend Sophie, who’s from Wales, said one ...

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Flaming Green Fairy: Absinthe at its most fabulous

Translated by Sophie Athanasiadis The inspiration behind the last part of our gastronomic kinky dinner ...

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μπλάντι μέρι

Welcome home!Celebrate yourself with YOUR Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary is a highly personalized cocktail ideal as a picker-upper. Here's my secret recipe which is only described so you don't follow it! Please experiment to find your own...

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ευκολη και γρηγορη

gazpacho cold Spanish tomato soup

gazpacho: the chilled tomato soup of Andalucia

A Spanish classic dish with the powerful simplicity of raw Mediterranean flavours. Gazpacho, the chilled tomato soup makes an ideal first course for every summer dinner.

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apricot marmalade straight from heaven

apricot marmalade straight from heaven

Some scholars still disagree as to whether Eve offered Adam an apricot as opposed to an apple under the watchful eye of the wicked serpent. Heavenly tasting fruit, mystical and magical, it was chosen by the Gods of the ancient world for its scent, the incredible sweetness of its flesh and its colour. With this noble fruit, as sun ancestors of mythology, we make divine apricot marmalade.

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pasta with basil pesto

perfect fresh basil pesto

Flavourful basil with parmesan, garlic, pinenuts and extra virgin olive oil. The amazing Italian classic pesto Genovese is the easiest fresh green sauce to serve with pasta and mix in numerous dishes when summer arrives.

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spicy scallops with chorizo and red peppers

scallops with chorizo and red peppers for a plain-spicy life

Not your usual (Spanish) dish. Chorizo in a surprise act creates a recipe of unprecedented tastiness.

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