• grilled squid, octopus and illex

    A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate spring and summer combination.

  • Oven-Baked Fish

    Just 3 smart steps to get the best ever, easiest oven baked fish

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fish and shellfish

Salt-baked fish (sea bass) with an ancient Greek recipe

salt-baked fish (sea bass) with an ancient Greek recipe

A juicy whole fish baked in the oven inside a cocoon of coarse salt. Follow the ancient go to gourmet recipe of Archestratos to serve the best ever sea bass or other largish fish baked in salt crust.

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seafood tagliatelle pasta

seafood tagliatelle and the curls of Lucretia Borgia

The legend connected tagliatelle to the curls of turbulent Lucretia. Here is another fantastic story to extend the tasty ground for their dainty delicious combination with seafood. Tagliatelle, mussels and prawns in fresh tomato sauce enhanced by the seafood broth.

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grilled squid, octopus and iIlex

grilled squid, octopus and illex

A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate summer combination.

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spicy scallops with chorizo and red peppers

scallops with chorizo and red peppers for a plain-spicy life

Not your usual (Spanish) dish. Chorizo in a surprise act creates a recipe of unprecedented tastiness.

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pasta alla Norma authentic recipe

historical spaghetti: pasta alla Norma – Non plus ultra

Sicilian culture in a dish. Your next move after you’ve tried the authentic pasta alla Norma will be to book your tickets to Italy. Just wait and see...

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sausage ragout recipe

sausage ragout for the Sunday pasta

A fine sauce can make pasta interesting, but a sausage ragout sauce will transform your pasta into the crème de la crème dish for the Sunday family meals.

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oven baked lasagna with bolognese sauce

oven-baked lasagna with bolognese sauce

Cicero's and Horace's favorite dish, lasagna was propably the first pasta ever made most likely descending from the Greek bread "laganon". Layered and filled with different kinds of cream like nowadays but only enjoyed by the rich people. Oven baked lasagna with bolognese and béchamel sauce is their most popular version.

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meat cannelloni with bechamel sauce

meat cannelloni with bechamel sauce

Certain food magically functions as psychotherapy for grownups’ gustative palette. It brings back their childhood tastes unaltered, no matter how much they broaden their flavor adventures, experiment and desperately nibbling the amazing cuisines of the world. Lined cannelloni stuffed with minced meat under nutmeg scented béchamel is one fine example.

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Greek cuisine

braised beef

braised veal with red sauce: too good to be taken for granted

Delicious braised veal that intensifies the flavor of everyday life. A small culinary miracle whose unpretentious simplicity is often taken for granted. We mustn’t ignore all the good things offered with love in our life, putting them aside as merely obvious…

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roast leg of goat, boned

roast leg of goat, boned: Oh, Hamlet, to love or not to…

Gourmet, boned, delightful baby goat roasted in the oven with potatoes. The most magical taste you have ever experience has reached full development through a serious and demanding relationship. This uniquely delicious goat is made of pure love!

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magiritsa with estragon - the gourmet version of the fabulous Greek Easter soup with liver

magiritsa with estragon − soup of 3 seasons

Magiritsa or Mayiritsa. A fabulous soup, traditionally served the evening before Greek Easter. With a slight twist, it becomes a gourmet dish and first course for a creative menu. This light and delicate version will pleasantly surprise anyone.

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vegetarian fresh green beans with cumin and ginger

fresh, green beans with cumin and ginger to “grow the love”

You may thought there was nothing else to know about green beans, but the East has an aromatic secret to share with you.

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semolina halva with orange and walnuts

semolina halva with orange and walnuts

The traditional family pudding made with semolina (Greek semolina halva). A delicious dessert flavoured with orange, spiced with cinnamon and served with walnuts.

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σαρλότ με μήλο αχλάδι κυδώνι

Apple, Pear and Quince Charlotte

Apple Charlotte is a traditional British dessert dating back to the 18th century. It is ...

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lemon cream cake with fruit jelly

lemon cream cake with fruit jelly

A modern Italian confection of a beautiful, light lemon cream cake topped with colored fruit jelly.

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caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

Allow yourself to be seduced by the caramel as you treat your senses with a dessert that resembles no other. Who said warmth is not hidden in winter too?

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easy and quick

κοκτέιλ καρπούζι με τζίντζερ, λαίμ και βότκα

watermelon cocktail with ginger and lime

A cooling watermelon cocktail is the red celeb amongst simple, flavourful summer drinks. Enjoy it with a splash of vodka or rum, or just keep it virgin (alcohol free).

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chestnut soup of the earthly virtues

A velvety chestnut soup is an added value for comfort food. It carries the warmth of the fireplace to the table, spreads earthy flavors in the mouth and warms even the most broken heart.

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tabbuleh salad with bulgur

tabbouleh: salad with bulgur and flavored vegetables

Fresh, aromatic and slightly spicy tabbouleh served in verrines. Inspired by the Levantine cuisine the pandespani version of the Middle Eastern salad with bulgur and spices.

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easy chocolate truffles

chocolate truffles as made of clay

Chocolate in its whole greatness and creativity. A sweet surprise for your guests mouth that will make you consider doubling the dose. Are you ready to get your hands chocolaty?

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juicy and scented lemon cake

juicy and scented lemon cake with lemon icing

Lemony taste and a liquid fruit flavor in the mouth. Spongy and moist texture with a hint of sourness to contrast the sweetness. If you like the colour yellow, lemons, a lightly acidic taste on the tongue and the authentic flavors of citrus, behold! for here is the easiest, the most perfect lemon cake!

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