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history of the burger

the history of the burger: from the lounge backwards

The national American food adored by young people all over the world but considered “plastic” and avoided by the elderly, can easily transfer from the fast food chain to the home and with a little care, become everyone’s favourite food. First chapter, the origin of the burger and it’s growing up.

all about burgers A-Z

all about burgers A-Z | what, how, why

We all love the perfect burger - a light, fluffy brioche bun, succulent meat, sauces and yummy trimmings. So we grappled seriously with them, debunking every myth, to enable you to easily and quickly make the best ever at home. All you need to know about burgers, from A-Z. From the history and the techniques, to the secrets and the more gourmet combinations.



goat fricassée

goat fricassée: cubism with celery sticks

Slow-cooked pieces of tender goat leg with celery, inspired by Cubism and Braque's works. The simplicity of a light sauce brings out the essential flavours of the ingredients and makes the dish unpretentiously fine. Cubistic goat fricassée with celery.

youvarlakia meatballs

Youvarlakia: a study on a Greek dish

Youvarlakia, one of the most flavorful dishes in Greek cuisine, is immersed in a velvety egg and lemon sauce ―a miracle of balanced taste, texture and appearance, delightful to the eye and to the palate. Try out this excellent version, and one of the best recipes of Pandespani.

the authentic aubergine salad

the authentic aubergine salad Constantinople style

Casually refined, almost disdainful, fine, yet with a unique smoky flavour. An easy, but so very selective, aubergine (eggplant) salad, the authentic one.

taramosalata mousse

Evgenias fluffy taramosalata mousse

No potato and no bread - this soft and refined white fish roe mousse (taramosalata) is made only with olive oil!


επιδόρπιο - γλυκό

caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

Allow yourself to be seduced by the caramel as you treat your senses with a dessert that resembles no other. Who said warmth is not hidden in winter too?

golden galette des rois

Galette des Rois -long live the king!

Long live the King! A french cake that has become a world delicacy. A little secret lies inside the sweet almond cream, a secret that reveals the King only after the first bite. Trace the history of the famous Galette des Rois all the way back to the Roman times, through a path full of flavours.

γρανίτα ούζο, σορμπέ τζιν τόνικ

Ouzo granita vs. Gin and Tonic sorbet: A cool Greek/British battle

“Let’s make a gin and tonic sorbet”, my friend Sophie, who’s from Wales, said one ...

sweet crêpes

sweet crêpes for lovers’ mornings

Lazy mornings are for the loved ones, sweet crepes too. They go with breakfast or brunch and they take you from the bedroom to the kitchen and back, and if you want to stretch the drowsy sweet moments, they can be a tasteful excuse.



μήλος ρέστοραντ

Milos revisited – η Ελλάδα στα καλύτερά της

Το Milos ξεκίνησε στον Καναδά από τον Κώστα Σπιλιάδη εδώ και 30 χρόνια, αλλά κέρδισε ...

σάλτσα μπεαρνέζ

σάλτσα μπεαρνέζ – η βουτυράτη φίλη του εστραγκόν

Μια από τις βασικές σάλτσες της γαλλικής κουζίνας είναι ικανή να μεταμορφώσει και το πιο απλό ψητό κρέας σε ξεχωριστό πιάτο. Τέλεια συνοδός για τα στέικ και το φιλέτο, είναι η αρωματισμένη με εστραγκόν, βουτυράτη σάλτσα μπεαρνέζ.

ελαφρότητα του είναι

η “ελαφρότητα του είναι” – αναδρομική έκθεση της Δάφνης Βαλέντε

Ένα εμπνευστικό ταξίδι φυγής της Δάφνη Βαλέντε στην αναδρομική έκθεση φωτογραφίας με τίτλο «η Ελαφρότητα του Είναι».

σπαράγγια της άνοιξης: 11 τρόποι να τα απολαύσετε

σπαράγγια της άνοιξης με 11 γρήγορους τρόπους

Κάθε άνοιξη, τα φρέσκα σπαράγγια με την ευγενική τους υφή και τη ντελικάτη πλην έντονη γεύση τους, δίνουν την τέλεια ευκαιρία για πολλά διαφορετικά πιάτα. Ιδού, οι πιο νόστιμοι, εύκολοι και γρήγοροι τρόποι για να τα απολαύσετε.


ρυζι & ζυμαρικά (μακαρονια)

tagliatelle with mushrooms and tomato sauce

perfect tagliatelle with mushrooms (dunque…alla boscaiola)

Tagliatelle alla Boscaiola (Tagliatelle "of the forest") is an extremely easy and fresh-tasting recipe for tagliatelle with mushrooms, an undeniable example of a simple and balanced synthesis of ingredients.

pasta alla Norma authentic recipe

historical spaghetti: pasta alla Norma – Non plus ultra

Sicilian culture in a dish. Your next move after you’ve tried the authentic pasta alla Norma will be to book your tickets to Italy. Just wait and see...

sausage ragout recipe

sausage ragout for the Sunday pasta

A fine sauce can make pasta interesting, but a sausage ragout sauce will transform your pasta into the crème de la crème dish for the Sunday family meals.

meat cannelloni with bechamel sauce

meat cannelloni with bechamel sauce

Certain food magically functions as psychotherapy for grownups’ gustative palette. It brings back their childhood tastes unaltered, no matter how much they broaden their flavor adventures, experiment and desperately nibbling the amazing cuisines of the world. Lined cannelloni stuffed with minced meat under nutmeg scented béchamel is one fine example.