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all about burgers A-Z

all about burgers A-Z | what, how, why

We all love the perfect burger - a light, fluffy brioche bun, succulent meat, sauces and yummy trimmings. So we grappled seriously with them, debunking every myth, to enable you to easily and quickly make the best ever at home. All you need to know about burgers, from A-Z. From the history and the techniques, to the secrets and the more gourmet combinations.

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sweet tsoureki bread

tsoureki, Greek Easter bread that fills the soul

Within its festive shape, sweet memories and sentiments lay... Tsoureki, or Greek Easter Bread, is rich in flavour with a vanilla-like mastiha aroma and a perfectly balanced chewy texture. Dressed up with crispy almonds, shares the taste of love that fills the soul out with delight.

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crispy cheese pies for every occasion

the little crispy cheese pies of grandma Athena

Gracefully small, shiny, crispy cheese pies of baked pastry and spicy, peppery cheese. Easy to make, they have the absolute homely taste that connects food and flavours with memories and emotions.

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crispy roast lamb with potatoes

crispy roast lamb with potatoes… which no one has ever refused!

The most-tried recipe for crispy roast lamb with potatoes (or goat, if you prefer). For more than 20 years has dominated the table, been shared with diners and has attracted most of attention, since it is the simplest possible recipe, and at the same time the most reliable.

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vegetarian fresh green beans with cumin and ginger

fresh, green beans with cumin and ginger to “grow the love”

You may thought there was nothing else to know about green beans, but the East has an aromatic secret to share with you.

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επιδόρπιο - γλυκό

lemon cheesecake with ginger biscuits

lemon cheesecake with ginger biscuit base

Cheesecake has ancient Greek roots. Athenaeus, one of the well-known Athenian gastronomes referred to Samos cheese cakes, even including the recipe: "Take some cheese and crumble it, put it in a bronze sieve to drain, then add honey and spring wheat flour, and heat the mixture together ".

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tiramisu: my whole life

When the romantic comedy 'Sleepless in Seattle' was released, tiramisu become instantly famous. An ambiguous dialogue in the screenplay succeeded in establishing the divine but so far unknown taste of this Italian Semifreddo amongst the most popular desserts in the world.

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rich chocolate mousse

rich chocolate mousse: a game of sweet seduction

Chocolate has been used for hundreds of years to seduce prospective beaux or to lure ...

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easy chocolate truffles

chocolate truffles as made of clay

Chocolate in its whole greatness and creativity. A sweet surprise for your guests mouth that will make you consider doubling the dose. Are you ready to get your hands chocolaty?

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η τελειότητα του μουσακά

Εξαιρετικό δείγμα της ελληνικής αστικής κουζίνας, ο μουσακάς ανήκει στα αριστουργηματικά φαγητά με κόνσεπτ και μαγειρικές απαιτήσεις. Ο μαγικός συνδυασμός της τηγανητής μελιτζάνας με τον αρωματικό κοκκινιστό κιμά και την γκρατιναρισμένη μπεσαμέλ, ανακύρηξε τον μουσακά σε δημοφιλές ανά τον κόσμο γευστικό σύμβολο της ελληνικότητας και μιας εθνικής γαστρονομίας που εξελίχθηκε μέσα από έναν δυναμικό διάλογο με τις επιρροές. Η εμμονή στην τελειότητα της συνταγής είναι το λιγότερο που του αξίζει.

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γκουρμέ δώρα απ' το σπίτι

γκουρμέ δώρα από το σπίτι: αναλώσιμα πολυτελείας

Μαζί με το βιβλίο, το ποτό ή το κρασί ή μόνα τους. Για λόγους budget ή χωρίς αυτούς. Νόστιμα, φτιαγμένα με άριστα υλικά και την αγάπη μας, γκουρμέ δώρα απ' την κουζίνα του σπιτιού που αρέσουν σε όλους και εκτιμούνται διπλά από αυτούς που τα έχουν όλα.

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φιλέτο ελάφι γουέλινγκτον - ελάφι ή μοσχάρι γουέλινγκτον

φιλέτο ελάφι γουέλινγκτον: μας κακομαθαίνετε κύριε πρόεδρε…

Για ειδικές περιστάσεις και για να δρέψει κανείς δάφνες και εντυπώσεις: φιλέτο ελάφι γουέλιγκτον ή κάθε φιλέτο ουέλιγκτον. Κρέας φιλέτο ή κυνήγι, ακριβείς συνδυασμοί υλικών και γαστρονομικό στόρι για συνοδεία στο τελετουργικό.

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πως μαγειρεύονται τα ζυμαρικά - μυστικά για να τα κάνετε τέλεια

Όλα για τα ζυμαρικά – μέρος B’

Mυστικά, τι, πως και γιατί για τέλεια ζυμαρικά (…συνέχεια) Oι Ιταλοί νοιάζονται για τα τέλεια ...

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ρυζι & ζυμαρικά (μακαρονια)

authentic carbonara

the authentic carbonara (NO other modifications, please)

Altered and counterfeited thousands of times, this popular pasta recipe rouses as many disputes as moussaka! It's time to put affairs in order and place on the table the authentic carbonara-both in taste and mode of preparation.

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delicious strawberry risotto

pink strawberry risotto: a savory surprise

A beautifully flavourful risotto with strawberries carries the sweet fruit’s aroma while remains surprisingly savory. The pink strawberry risotto is the perfect dish for the spring.

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small dolmades

100 Lego shaped dolmades in size S and XS

This is a delicious Greek recipe where the flavours are established by their delicate simplicity. These small Lego style dolmades, vine leaves stuffed with rice (or yialatzi as they are known in Turkish) could easily hold their own in a high class party menu even better than a lot of other common favourites. This is our family version using fresh vine leaves, feathery fennel tops and mint.

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pesto with zucchini and walnut

pesto with zucchini and walnut

This is a summer and winter version of a fragrant zucchini pesto that can be used as a crostini appetizer and with pasta.

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