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pasta with basil pesto

perfect fresh basil pesto

Flavourful basil with parmesan, garlic, pinenuts and extra virgin olive oil. The amazing Italian classic pesto Genovese is the easiest fresh green sauce to serve with pasta and mix in numerous dishes when summer arrives.



κεφτεδάκια με κουσκούς 1000+1 νύχτες

κεφτεδάκια με κουσκούς 1000+1 νύχτες

Τα Παραμύθια της Χαλιμάς ή Χίλιες και μια νύχτες ή Αραβικές νύχτες (όπως αποδόθηκαν στα ...


γιουβαρλάκια: σπουδή σε ένα ελληνικό πιάτο

Από τα πολύ ωραία πιάτα της ελληνικής κουζίνας, τα γιουβαρλάκια ξαπλωμένα σε βελούδινη σάλτσα αβγολέμονου είναι ένα μικρό θαύμα γευστικής ισορροπίας, υφής και αίσθησης, απολαυστικό στο μάτι και στον ουρανίσκο. Δείτε τα σε εξαιρετική εκδοχή και μια από τις καλύτερες συνταγές του pandespani.

σάλτσα Bolognese - σάλτσα μπολονέζ

Βest Βolognese sauce in town (and it’s a big town…)

Η αυθεντική σάλτσα Bolognese για να ξεχάσετε όποια σάλτσα με κιμά ξέρατε για τα ζυμαρικά σας.

keftedakia kinezika

τα κινέζικα κεφτεδάκια της Έτνας

Αυτή η συνταγή είναι η αγαπημένη της μικρής μου κόρης εδώ και χρόνια. Tην πρώτη ...


ρυζι & ζυμαρικά (μακαρονια)

delicious strawberry risotto

pink strawberry risotto: a savory surprise

A beautifully flavourful risotto with strawberries carries the sweet fruit’s aroma while remains surprisingly savory. The pink strawberry risotto is the perfect dish for the spring.

pesto with zucchini and walnut

pesto with zucchini and walnut

This is a summer and winter version of a fragrant zucchini pesto that can be used as a crostini appetizer and with pasta.

authentic carbonara

the authentic carbonara (NO other modifications, please)

Altered and counterfeited thousands of times, this popular pasta recipe rouses as many disputes as moussaka! It's time to put affairs in order and place on the table the authentic carbonara-both in taste and mode of preparation.

sausage ragout recipe

sausage ragout for the Sunday pasta

A fine sauce can make pasta interesting, but a sausage ragout sauce will transform your pasta into the crème de la crème dish for the Sunday family meals.


επιδόρπιο - γλυκό

chocolate blackout cake

chocolate blackout cake – absolute darkness

In 1848, in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, a “dark”, almost black, chocolate cake was born, a cake to become synonymous with the taste of hell: blackout chocolate cake. With three layers of chocolate sponge, and three layers of chocolate custard, it is more than a “must” for the lovers of the addiction goddess.

κρεμ μπρουλέ

crème brûlée: vanilla decadence

This classic dessert was a staple at 70’s and ‘80’s dinner parties but waned in ...

πικάντικο σορμπέ με φράουλες και τσίλι

strawberry and chilli sorbet: cool sweetness with unexpected fire…

The combination of strawberry and chilli may strike you as an odd one, but I ...

lemon cheesecake with ginger biscuits

lemon cheesecake with ginger biscuit base

Cheesecake has ancient Greek roots. Athenaeus, one of the well-known Athenian gastronomes referred to Samos cheese cakes, even including the recipe: "Take some cheese and crumble it, put it in a bronze sieve to drain, then add honey and spring wheat flour, and heat the mixture together ".


ζύμες & πίτες

crispy cheese pies for every occasion

the little crispy cheese pies of grandma Athena

Gracefully small, shiny, crispy cheese pies of baked pastry and spicy, peppery cheese. Easy to make, they have the absolute homely taste that connects food and flavours with memories and emotions.

easy homemade donuts

Homemade donuts – edible rings of pleasure

Oh, these guilty pleasures of ours. We bring you the homemade recipe of a dessert that united the world… Its name: Doughnut!