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history of the burger

the history of the burger: from the lounge backwards

The national American food adored by young people all over the world but considered “plastic” and avoided by the elderly, can easily transfer from the fast food chain to the home and with a little care, become everyone’s favourite food. First chapter, the origin of the burger and it’s growing up.

all about burgers A-Z

all about burgers A-Z | what, how, why

We all love the perfect burger - a light, fluffy brioche bun, succulent meat, sauces and yummy trimmings. So we grappled seriously with them, debunking every myth, to enable you to easily and quickly make the best ever at home. All you need to know about burgers, from A-Z. From the history and the techniques, to the secrets and the more gourmet combinations.



crispy roast lamb with potatoes

crispy roast lamb with potatoes… which no one has ever refused!

The most-tried recipe for crispy roast lamb with potatoes (or goat, if you prefer). For more than 20 years has dominated the table, been shared with diners and has attracted most of attention, since it is the simplest possible recipe, and at the same time the most reliable.

sweet tsoureki bread

tsoureki, Greek Easter bread that fills the soul

Within its festive shape, sweet memories and sentiments lay... Tsoureki, or Greek Easter Bread, is rich in flavour with a vanilla-like mastiha aroma and a perfectly balanced chewy texture. Dressed up with crispy almonds, shares the taste of love that fills the soul out with delight.

crispy cheese pies for every occasion

the little crispy cheese pies of grandma Athena

Gracefully small, shiny, crispy cheese pies of baked pastry and spicy, peppery cheese. Easy to make, they have the absolute homely taste that connects food and flavours with memories and emotions.

youvarlakia meatballs

Youvarlakia: a study on a Greek dish

Youvarlakia, one of the most flavorful dishes in Greek cuisine, is immersed in a velvety egg and lemon sauce ―a miracle of balanced taste, texture and appearance, delightful to the eye and to the palate. Try out this excellent version, and one of the best recipes of Pandespani.


επιδόρπιο - γλυκό

orange trifle

orange trifle – sweet, winter chill

Trifles are the alternative to traditional Christmas pudding on the Christmas table in Britain, but ...

caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

Allow yourself to be seduced by the caramel as you treat your senses with a dessert that resembles no other. Who said warmth is not hidden in winter too?

γρανίτα ούζο, σορμπέ τζιν τόνικ

Ouzo granita vs. Gin and Tonic sorbet: A cool Greek/British battle

“Let’s make a gin and tonic sorbet”, my friend Sophie, who’s from Wales, said one ...

home-made strawberry mille-feuille

crispy strawberry mille-feuille – pleasure within a thousand leaves

Strawberry mille-feuille as we say pleasure, as we say sweetness. Who said the treasure of Napoleon was not edible?




Θερμοφόρο Gluhwein: από την Αυστρία με αγάπη

Gluhwein (γκλουβάιν): ένα θερμοφόρο ποτό από κρασί αρωματισμένο με μπαχαρικά για τις κρύες χειμωνιάτικες μέρες και νύχτες. Εισαγωγή στον δημιουργικό κόσμο των mulled wines.

ψαρονέφρι σε σφολιάτα

ψαρονέφρι σε σφολιάτα με μανιτάρια, τσίκορε και ρόκα

Προετοιμασία: Η σφολιάτα διατηρείται στο ψυγείο αλλά και στην κατάψυξη. Το μείγμα μανιταριών μπορεί να ...


Vichyssoise και IVIchyssoise

Η αυθεντική συνταγή για την Vichyssoise, την γνωστή κρύα σούπα που έκανε ο σεφ Louis Diat από πράσα, πατάτες και φρέσκια κρέμα, ένα σχεδόν αιώνα πριν, στο Ritz της Ν. Υόρκης. Και η επίσης αυθεντική ΙVIchyssoise, version προς τιμή της μικρής Ήβης από λαχανικά και κρέμα light, μια γευστική ζεστή και θρεπτική σούπα.

σαλατα με ντοματίνια και καππαρόφυλλα

power σαλάτα με ντοματίνια, καππαρόφυλλα και μανούρι

Πόσες φορές κάτι που δοκιμάζουμε και μας αρέσει, μας ελκύει τόσο που μπορεί να αποτελέσει ...


ρυζι & ζυμαρικά (μακαρονια)

authentic carbonara

the authentic carbonara (NO other modifications, please)

Altered and counterfeited thousands of times, this popular pasta recipe rouses as many disputes as moussaka! It's time to put affairs in order and place on the table the authentic carbonara-both in taste and mode of preparation.

lasagna with bolognese sauce

oven-baked lasagna with bolognese sauce

Cicero's and Horace's favorite dish, lasagna was propably the first pasta ever made most likely descending from the Greek bread "laganon". Layered and filled with different kinds of cream like nowadays but only enjoyed by the rich people. Oven baked lasagna with bolognese and béchamel sauce is their most popular version.

sausage ragout recipe

sausage ragout for the Sunday pasta

A fine sauce can make pasta interesting, but a sausage ragout sauce will transform your pasta into the crème de la crème dish for the Sunday family meals.

μπιριάνι ρύζι ινδικό

Vegetarian Biryani: India’s celebration rice

Biryani is the celebratory Indian dish and usually includes meat. This particular recipe comes from Southern India, however, and is vegetarian. It’s very easy to make, looks impressive and scents the room with cinnamon and cardamom.