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3. gourmet culture

authentic carbonara

the authentic carbonara (NO other modifications, please)

Altered and counterfeited thousands of times, this popular pasta recipe rouses as many disputes as moussaka! It's time to put affairs in order and place on the table the authentic carbonara-both in taste and mode of preparation.

lemon cheesecake with ginger biscuits

lemon cheesecake with ginger biscuit base

Cheesecake has ancient Greek roots. Athenaeus, one of the well-known Athenian gastronomes referred to Samos cheese cakes, even including the recipe: "Take some cheese and crumble it, put it in a bronze sieve to drain, then add honey and spring wheat flour, and heat the mixture together ".

gourmet gifts

homemade gourmet gifts

Along with a book, bottle of liqueur or wine or as individuals. Because of budget reasons or not. Delicious, made with excellent materials and our love, homemade gourmet gifts that everyone like and are appreciated even more by those who have it all.



hummus with tahini

hummus with tahini and pine nuts

An appetizing meze of chickpeas purée found in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine makes an extremely easy dip that has many variations. Classy and classic, inspired by the Egyptian tradition, this is another of our versions, a delicious slightly hot hummus with tahini and pine nuts.

tabbuleh salad with bulgur

tabbouleh: salad with bulgur and flavored vegetables

Fresh, aromatic and slightly spicy tabbouleh served in verrines. Inspired by the Levantine cuisine the pandespani version of the Middle Eastern salad with bulgur and spices.


επιδόρπιο - γλυκό

πάβλοβα με φράουλες

strawberry pavlova – easy when treated with respect

The meringue is a sweet contradiction. On the one hand you would expect a recipe ...

rich chocolate mousse

rich chocolate mousse: a game of sweet seduction

Chocolate has been used for hundreds of years to seduce prospective beaux or to lure ...

κρεμ μπρουλέ

crème brûlée: vanilla decadence

This classic dessert was a staple at 70’s and ‘80’s dinner parties but waned in ...

summer pudding

summer pudding; I know what you did last summer in the kitchen

Summer pudding really is the quintessential British dessert. It uses the summer fruits that can ...


ψαρι και θαλασσινα

scampi and crab parcels

scampi and crab parcels with layers of lemon leaves

Fresh seafood with aromatic herbs and lemon leaves, wrapped in parchment and baked in the oven. When this dish of scampi and crab is opened at the table, it smells wonderful! Can be served as a main dish or starter.

seafood tagliatelle pasta

seafood tagliatelle and the curls of Lucretia Borgia

The legend connected tagliatelle to the curls of turbulent Lucretia. Here is another fantastic story to extend the tasty ground for their dainty delicious combination with seafood. Tagliatelle, mussels and prawns in fresh tomato sauce enhanced by the seafood broth.

marinated octopus in wine and sage

octopus in red wine and sage

The octopus is one of the creatures that continuously inspires creativity in art, crafts and cuisine. For the latter, the gently-cooked octopus in red wine and sage is a fine Mediterranean example.

taramosalata mousse

Evgenias fluffy taramosalata mousse

No potato and no bread - this soft and refined white fish roe mousse (taramosalata) is made only with olive oil!