• grilled squid, octopus and illex

    A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate spring and summer combination.

  • Oven-Baked Fish

    Just 3 smart steps to get the best ever, easiest oven baked fish

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fish and shellfish

Salmon Wellington with asparagus -salmon in puff pastry

Salmon in puff pastry with asparagus

Today we treat ourselves like royalty and take an elegant bite of some (excellent) salmon in crispy puff pastry also known as Salmon Wellington.

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Salt-baked fish (sea bass) with an ancient Greek recipe

salt-baked fish (sea bass) with an ancient Greek recipe

A juicy whole fish baked in the oven inside a cocoon of coarse salt. Follow the ancient go to gourmet recipe of Archestratos to serve the best ever sea bass or other largish fish baked in salt crust.

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mini spicy octopus a la diablo

Mini spicy octopus a la diablo

Tender, fresh bite size octopus cooked with wine and a chilli pepper undertone. The taste of the Mediterranean Sea in a simple delicious dish.

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μύδια αχνιστά με ούζο & saffron

steamed mussels with ouzo and saffron

All over the world, mussels are used in wonderful starters; either on their own in many different variations, or combined with other seafood and fish, pasta or rice, vegetables and spices or pulses, even with chips. This is a simple quick Mediterranean way to make them at home.

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pesto with zucchini and walnut

pesto with zucchini and walnut

This is a summer and winter version of a fragrant zucchini pesto that can be used as a crostini appetizer and with pasta.

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ριζότο Α

Risotto all’onda; Addictive – Part I

The Risotto is one of the greatest culinary inventions. It’s not just a dish, but an idea – a creative concept which manages, in a totally original way, to make a magical dish with numerous variations out of a humble foundation.

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Biryani (μπιριάνι) : το γιορταστικό ρύζι της Ινδίας

Vegetarian Biryani: India’s celebration rice

Biryani is the celebratory Indian dish and usually includes meat. This particular recipe comes from Southern India, however, and is vegetarian. It’s very easy to make, looks impressive and scents the room with cinnamon and cardamom.

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100 Lego shaped dolmades in size S and XS

100 Lego shaped dolmades in size S and XS

This is a delicious Greek recipe where the flavours are established by their delicate simplicity. These small Lego style dolmades, vine leaves stuffed with rice (or yialatzi as they are known in Turkish) could easily hold their own in a high class party menu even better than a lot of other common favourites. This is our family version using fresh vine leaves, feathery fennel tops and mint.

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Greek cuisine

braised beef

braised veal with red sauce: too good to be taken for granted

Delicious braised veal that intensifies the flavor of everyday life. A small culinary miracle whose unpretentious simplicity is often taken for granted. We mustn’t ignore all the good things offered with love in our life, putting them aside as merely obvious…

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grilled squid, octopus and iIlex

grilled squid, octopus and illex

A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate summer combination.

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magiritsa with estragon - the gourmet version of the fabulous Greek Easter soup with liver

magiritsa with estragon − soup of 3 seasons

Magiritsa or Mayiritsa. A fabulous soup, traditionally served the evening before Greek Easter. With a slight twist, it becomes a gourmet dish and first course for a creative menu. This light and delicate version will pleasantly surprise anyone.

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goat fricassée

goat fricassée: cubism with celery sticks

Slow-cooked pieces of tender goat leg with celery, inspired by Cubism and Braque's works. The simplicity of a light sauce brings out the essential flavours of the ingredients and makes the dish unpretentiously fine. Cubistic goat fricassée with celery.

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σαρλότ με μήλο αχλάδι κυδώνι

Apple, Pear and Quince Charlotte

Apple Charlotte is a traditional British dessert dating back to the 18th century. It is ...

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summer pudding

summer pudding; I know what you did last summer in the kitchen

Summer pudding really is the quintessential British dessert. It uses the summer fruits that can ...

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easy homemade donuts

Homemade donuts – edible rings of pleasure

Oh, these guilty pleasures of ours. We bring you the homemade recipe of a dessert that united the world… Its name: Doughnut!

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orange-flavored loukoumades

Loukoumades (sweet dough balls) with orange & honey

Luscious, aromatic, orange flavoured loukoumades - Greek dough balls - with honey and cinnamon. Enjoy them with your favorite crunchy nuts or ice cream.

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easy and quick

Risotto with tomato and feta

Risotto with tomato and feta – a Mediterranean marriage

A summer voyage on the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Italy. A risotto with fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and a hint of spice from the rocket that raises both culinary flags side by side.

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κοκτέιλ καρπούζι με τζίντζερ, λαίμ και βότκα

watermelon cocktail with ginger and lime

A cooling watermelon cocktail is the red celeb amongst simple, flavourful summer drinks. Enjoy it with a splash of vodka or rum, or just keep it virgin (alcohol free).

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gazpacho cold Spanish tomato soup

gazpacho: the chilled tomato soup of Andalucia

A Spanish classic dish with the powerful simplicity of raw Mediterranean flavours. Gazpacho, the chilled tomato soup makes an ideal first course for every summer dinner.

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chestnut soup of the earthly virtues

A velvety chestnut soup is an added value for comfort food. It carries the warmth of the fireplace to the table, spreads earthy flavors in the mouth and warms even the most broken heart.

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juicy and scented lemon cake

juicy and scented lemon cake with lemon icing

Lemony taste and a liquid fruit flavor in the mouth. Spongy and moist texture with a hint of sourness to contrast the sweetness. If you like the colour yellow, lemons, a lightly acidic taste on the tongue and the authentic flavors of citrus, behold! for here is the easiest, the most perfect lemon cake!

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