• grilled squid, octopus and illex

    A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate spring and summer combination.

  • Oven-Baked Fish

    Just 3 smart steps to get the best ever, easiest oven baked fish

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fish and shellfish


5 minute taramasalata (white fish roe dip)

Tasty dip to accompany ouzo, tsipouro or raki, or with eggs and vegetables for brunch. By the time you organize your ice and glasses on the table, this white taramosalata will be ready!

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μύδια αχνιστά με ούζο & saffron

steamed mussels with ouzo and saffron

All over the world, mussels are used in wonderful starters; either on their own in many different variations, or combined with other seafood and fish, pasta or rice, vegetables and spices or pulses, even with chips. This is a simple quick Mediterranean way to make them at home.

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scallops with orange juice

scallops in love: with orange juice, ginger and avocado

Scallops are, without exaggeration, one of the most cosmopolitan mollusks as they are found in ...

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perfect oven-baked fish

Perfect oven-baked fish – the easiest ever

How to easily make a good size oven-baked fish following just 3 easy steps. The foolproof way to perfectly fish baking any kind of fish.

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sausage ragout recipe

sausage ragout for the Sunday pasta

A fine sauce can make pasta interesting, but a sausage ragout sauce will transform your pasta into the crème de la crème dish for the Sunday family meals.

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tagliatelle with mushrooms and tomato sauce

perfect tagliatelle with mushrooms (dunque…alla boscaiola)

Tagliatelle alla Boscaiola (Tagliatelle "of the forest") is an extremely easy and fresh-tasting recipe for tagliatelle with mushrooms, an undeniable example of a simple and balanced synthesis of ingredients.

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pasta alla Norma authentic recipe

historical spaghetti: pasta alla Norma – Non plus ultra

Sicilian culture in a dish. Your next move after you’ve tried the authentic pasta alla Norma will be to book your tickets to Italy. Just wait and see...

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oven baked lasagna with bolognese sauce

oven-baked lasagna with bolognese sauce

Cicero's and Horace's favorite dish, lasagna was propably the first pasta ever made most likely descending from the Greek bread "laganon". Layered and filled with different kinds of cream like nowadays but only enjoyed by the rich people. Oven baked lasagna with bolognese and béchamel sauce is their most popular version.

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Greek cuisine

Salt-baked fish (sea bass) with an ancient Greek recipe

salt-baked fish (sea bass) with an ancient Greek recipe

A juicy whole fish baked in the oven inside a cocoon of coarse salt. Follow the ancient go to gourmet recipe of Archestratos to serve the best ever sea bass or other largish fish baked in salt crust.

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grilled squid, octopus and iIlex

grilled squid, octopus and illex

A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate summer combination.

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youvarlakia meatballs

Youvarlakia: a study on a Greek dish

Youvarlakia, one of the most flavorful dishes in Greek cuisine, is immersed in a velvety egg and lemon sauce ―a miracle of balanced taste, texture and appearance, delightful to the eye and to the palate. Try out this excellent version, and one of the best recipes of Pandespani.

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orange-flavored loukoumades

Loukoumades (sweet dough balls) with orange & honey

Luscious, aromatic, orange flavoured loukoumades - Greek dough balls - with honey and cinnamon. Enjoy them with your favorite crunchy nuts or ice cream.

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strawberry tart or moist perfumed strawberry pie

strawberry tart – moist perfumed strawberry pie

Delicious strawberry tart made with fresh strawberries filling and sweet custard cream with ladyfingers. An easy dessert, amazingly inviting the springs' warmer afternoons.

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rich chocolate mousse

rich chocolate mousse: a game of sweet seduction

Chocolate has been used for hundreds of years to seduce prospective beaux or to lure ...

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tiramisu: my whole life

When the romantic comedy 'Sleepless in Seattle' was released, tiramisu become instantly famous. An ambiguous dialogue in the screenplay succeeded in establishing the divine but so far unknown taste of this Italian Semifreddo amongst the most popular desserts in the world.

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πικάντικο σορμπέ με φράουλες και τσίλι

strawberry and chilli sorbet: cool sweetness with unexpected fire…

The combination of strawberry and chilli may strike you as an odd one, but I ...

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easy and quick

pasta with truffle sauce

pasta with truffle sauce and olives, a 5.5 euro luxury

A smart combination of pasta with a flavourful truffle sauce and olives transforms a pretty simple pasta dish to a gourmet delight.

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chestnut soup of the earthly virtues

A velvety chestnut soup is an added value for comfort food. It carries the warmth of the fireplace to the table, spreads earthy flavors in the mouth and warms even the most broken heart.

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κοκτέιλ καρπούζι με τζίντζερ, λαίμ και βότκα

watermelon cocktail with ginger and lime

A cooling watermelon cocktail is the red celeb amongst simple, flavourful summer drinks. Enjoy it with a splash of vodka or rum, or just keep it virgin (alcohol free).

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caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

caramelized apples in wine with kumquat

Allow yourself to be seduced by the caramel as you treat your senses with a dessert that resembles no other. Who said warmth is not hidden in winter too?

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juicy and scented lemon cake

juicy and scented lemon cake with lemon icing

Lemony taste and a liquid fruit flavor in the mouth. Spongy and moist texture with a hint of sourness to contrast the sweetness. If you like the colour yellow, lemons, a lightly acidic taste on the tongue and the authentic flavors of citrus, behold! for here is the easiest, the most perfect lemon cake!

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