• grilled squid, octopus and illex

    A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate spring and summer combination.

  • Oven-Baked Fish

    Just 3 smart steps to get the best ever, easiest oven baked fish

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apricot marmalade straight from heaven

apricot marmalade straight from heaven

Some scholars still disagree as to whether Eve offered Adam an apricot as opposed to an apple under the watchful eye of the wicked serpent. Heavenly tasting fruit, mystical and magical, it was chosen by the Gods of the ancient world for its scent, the incredible sweetness of its flesh and its colour. With this noble fruit, as sun ancestors of mythology, we make divine apricot marmalade.

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fish and shellfish

scampi and crab parcels

scampi and crab parcels with layers of lemon leaves

Fresh seafood with aromatic herbs and lemon leaves, wrapped in parchment and baked in the oven. When this dish of scampi and crab is opened at the table, it smells wonderful! Can be served as a main dish or starter.

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μύδια αχνιστά με ούζο & saffron

steamed mussels with ouzo and saffron

All over the world, mussels are used in wonderful starters; either on their own in many different variations, or combined with other seafood and fish, pasta or rice, vegetables and spices or pulses, even with chips. This is a simple quick Mediterranean way to make them at home.

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grilled squid, octopus and iIlex

grilled squid, octopus and illex

A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate summer combination.

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seafood tagliatelle pasta

seafood tagliatelle and the curls of Lucretia Borgia

The legend connected tagliatelle to the curls of turbulent Lucretia. Here is another fantastic story to extend the tasty ground for their dainty delicious combination with seafood. Tagliatelle, mussels and prawns in fresh tomato sauce enhanced by the seafood broth.

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ριζότο Α

Risotto all’onda; Addictive – Part I

The Risotto is one of the greatest culinary inventions. It’s not just a dish, but an idea – a creative concept which manages, in a totally original way, to make a magical dish with numerous variations out of a humble foundation.

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pasta with truffle sauce

pasta with truffle sauce and olives, a 5.5 euro luxury

A smart combination of pasta with a flavourful truffle sauce and olives transforms a pretty simple pasta dish to a gourmet delight.

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tagliatelle with mushrooms and tomato sauce

perfect tagliatelle with mushrooms (dunque…alla boscaiola)

Tagliatelle alla Boscaiola (Tagliatelle "of the forest") is an extremely easy and fresh-tasting recipe for tagliatelle with mushrooms, an undeniable example of a simple and balanced synthesis of ingredients.

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Biryani (μπιριάνι) : το γιορταστικό ρύζι της Ινδίας

Vegetarian Biryani: India’s celebration rice

Biryani is the celebratory Indian dish and usually includes meat. This particular recipe comes from Southern India, however, and is vegetarian. It’s very easy to make, looks impressive and scents the room with cinnamon and cardamom.

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Greek cuisine

orange-flavored loukoumades

Loukoumades (sweet dough balls) with orange & honey

Luscious, aromatic, orange flavoured loukoumades - Greek dough balls - with honey and cinnamon. Enjoy them with your favorite crunchy nuts or ice cream.

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vegetarian fresh green beans with cumin and ginger

fresh, green beans with cumin and ginger to “grow the love”

You may thought there was nothing else to know about green beans, but the East has an aromatic secret to share with you.

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grilled squid, octopus and iIlex

grilled squid, octopus and illex

A selection of seafood that will fill your table with Mediterranean breeze. Boost your holiday mood with the ultimate summer combination.

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crispy cheese pies for every occasion

the little crispy cheese pies of grandma Athena

Gracefully small, shiny, crispy cheese pies of baked pastry and spicy, peppery cheese. Easy to make, they have the absolute homely taste that connects food and flavours with memories and emotions.

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chocolate blackout cake

chocolate blackout cake – absolute darkness

In 1848, in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, a “dark”, almost black, chocolate cake was born, a cake to become synonymous with the taste of hell: blackout chocolate cake. With three layers of chocolate sponge, and three layers of chocolate custard, it is more than a “must” for the lovers of the addiction goddess.

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home-made strawberry mille-feuille

crispy strawberry mille-feuille – pleasure within a thousand leaves

Strawberry mille-feuille as we say pleasure, as we say sweetness. Who said the treasure of Napoleon was not edible?

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strawberry tart or moist perfumed strawberry pie

strawberry tart – moist perfumed strawberry pie

Delicious strawberry tart made with fresh strawberries filling and sweet custard cream with ladyfingers. An easy dessert, amazingly inviting the springs' warmer afternoons.

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easy homemade donuts

Homemade donuts – edible rings of pleasure

Oh, these guilty pleasures of ours. We bring you the homemade recipe of a dessert that united the world… Its name: Doughnut!

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easy and quick

Greek Tiganites - egg-less mini pancakes the easiest way

Greek Tiganites – egg-less pancakes the easiest way

For lazy days and relaxed Sundays or when surrounded by young and 'adult' children, for breakfast or afternoon snack, easy traditional Greek pancakes.

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taramosalata mousse

Evgenias fluffy taramosalata mousse

No potato and no bread. This soft and refined white fish roe mousse (taramosalata or tarama salad) is made only with extra virgin Greek olive oil!

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tabbuleh salad with bulgur

tabbouleh: salad with bulgur and flavored vegetables

Fresh, aromatic and slightly spicy tabbouleh served in verrines. Inspired by the Levantine cuisine the pandespani version of the Middle Eastern salad with bulgur and spices.

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spicy scallops with chorizo and red peppers

scallops with chorizo and red peppers for a plain-spicy life

Not your usual (Spanish) dish. Chorizo in a surprise act creates a recipe of unprecedented tastiness.

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juicy and scented lemon cake

juicy and scented lemon cake with lemon icing

Lemony taste and a liquid fruit flavor in the mouth. Spongy and moist texture with a hint of sourness to contrast the sweetness. If you like the colour yellow, lemons, a lightly acidic taste on the tongue and the authentic flavors of citrus, behold! for here is the easiest, the most perfect lemon cake!

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