homemade gourmet gifts

gourmet giftstranslated by Amanita

Gourmet gifts are always welcomed by everyone, despite of what they may have in their kitchen. Good homemade treats are equal to luxurious consumables and by adding a personal touch in the package you are certain to double your success of pleasing. A jar of marmalade that always turns out delicious or some spicy chutney that goes great with cheese, pate or pesto made with chopped basil from your garden and pine nuts, a bottle of burgundy sour cherry juice, a box of shiny mandarin marzipans, magic salt, spiced oil or caramelized hazelnuts don’t fall short in comparison to those delicatessen jars in pastry shops. On the contrary they usually overshadow them because they are made of the finest ingredients, love and care. This is what defines gourmet: excellent quality, good cooking and the relative tastefulness. An eclectic attitude towards food, from the selection of raw materials and making it, to its enjoyment. Delicacies with such standards do not need the pretension to stand alone in any occasion. Even if there isn’t a budget issue, it is an excellent idea to share  these gifts with your beloved ones. Be sure that  those who do not deal regularly with the kitchen will appreciate it even more.

gourmet gifts

gourmet gifts

gourmet gifts

Before the festive spirit spreads to the decorated store shelves and solutions for gifts (fixed and sudden) respond to the consumer madness of Christmas day, we bring to the table (as a food blog ought to do) the proposal for alternative ideas that focus on excellent homemade gourmet goodies that their only requirement is wrapping. So, we recycled jars and bottles, filled them with delicious interior made with our own hands and we enjoyed playing by putting on bows, ribbons, cards and personal touches. Democratically speaking and uncensored, the decoration was chosen on a different approach. The goal was to highlight the content, care and love that goes along with it until it meets its recipient. The next steps, opening and tasting switch to the state of surprise. Well, if this is not the spirit of Christmas, then what is it;

gourmet gifts

Marmalades: grape, damson, quince, fig, peach, apricot, tomato, strawberry, or any other you are good at.
Spicy tomato chutney
Cookies and chocolates
Olives –exclusively yours
Spicy oil with peppers or scented with herbs, scented vinegar, magic scented salt for good luck
basil or courgette pesto
caramelized hazelnuts and marzipans

gourmet gifts

Our ideas for gourmet gifts are just examples.You can change them and customize them according to your own preferences. Use them additionally if  a bottle of wine or liqueur seems poor as a gift. You can also match homemade delicacies with books: there is no better snooze than a fascinating book with hot chocolate and nice homemade cookies, on a cold lazy day. Put the gourmet gifts in baskets or boxes with some christmas ornaments or alongside chocolates and candles, if you want to level up the package. Finally, do not forget the card, with handwritten wishes.

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