Pandespani at Foody Direct


Pandespani at Foody Direct Expert

It is a great pleasure to be welcomed by new friends as Pandespani grows and acquires international readership. Our dining table becomes bigger to host more and more guests who find inspiration in our blog’s menu: a relaxed combination of food stories and delicious ideas, recipes, secrets and other spicy elements that add excitement to culinary adventures.
The Foody Direct Expert and Despina (aka Ms. Pandespani) sat together in this virtual dining gang and talked about the blog, food, culinary inspiration and other topics that you can find more about here.
We would like to thank Foody Direct for the generous hospitality, Susan Jennings for the flavorful interview and Chris Martin for his thoughtful communication.

Pandespani at Foody Direct -the online Gourmet marketplace Foody Direct is the online USA Gourmet marketplace that delivers the most delicious food from restaurants and high quality artisan producers straight to the customer’s door.


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