all about burgers A-Z – what, how, why


all about burgers A-Z | what, how, whyHamburgers, cheeseburgers and whatever other burgers, juicy and delicate ensembles, American burgers with steamed bread, enjoyed by the whole planet with a year-round mania. They take a multitude of forms from the exploding imagination of both creators and consumers. They are comprised of myriad ingredients that can be included within, above, below and next to, that have been swinging together for decades now, even before human boredom discovered junk or semi junk food. They came together from random beginnings, especially the diversity of the origin, texture and flavour of the ingredients. Crunchy and juicy, hot and sweet ’n’ sour, savoury and sweet caramelised, and, and, and there are no known limits for all the types of burger and therefore continuously make the best finger-licking- good lists in the city.

Some time ago, a combination of the all sacred patty and bread was devised and from there, came the ideology for the holy trinity of the “Aged Angus burger”, “Lamburger” (burger of lamb meat) and the “ Veggie “ burger from tofu to vegetables. Tasteless powers that be and eternally hungry politicians, who would have nothing to do if not for war conflicts and crises, will philosophise on the pathology of power with their chubby fingers dipped in the ever popular BBQ sauce and downing cool beers. Cheers, kanpai, yiasas!

all about burgers A-Z - brioche bun

all about burgers A-Z | what, how, why

All about burgers A-Z and to the best in our kitchen

Anyway, to stick to the point, we all love a super burger. Full stop. Definitely not the fast-food type, nor the simple middle of the road or mildly satisfactory (lets be generous here) which we usually order when ravenous – as they look so tasty at the time. Most of them, if you tried them without being hungry, you wouldn’t continue past the 3rd bite.

Most people think making burgers at home is an ambitious project. Huge myth. That’s why we are going to shake up this theory. The A-Z of burgers. What to eat, how to eat, and why to eat it. From the history to the ingredients – both the simple and the complex – from the yummiest sauces to all the garnishes.

The challenge is to make the best and purest tasting burger ever in our own kitchen on a timeline comparable with fast food – which, between us, is not always sooooo fast………and at a ¼ of the price you pay for delivery. Burgermania in its entirety. Yes, something like that. And if you like this idea, don’t miss the following instalments. I’ll be delicious!!

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