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small chocolate truffles

Cute, small, addictive and delicious chocolate truffles. Chocolate in its whole greatness and creativity at its best as well… Α recipe that doesn’t involve any trouble or fuss, perhaps only a bit of a yummy chocolate mess in your kitchen.

The base is the classic one but other than that, do leave your fantasy go wild when it comes to decoration and/or filling. Cocoa powder, desiccated coconut, black or colourful truffle, crushed walnut, pistachio or any other nuts you fancy -in a grated form to cover the outside or whole as a surprise filling to your guest’s mouth. Not only these petite chocolate balls won’t be ignored, but on the contrary, it’s more than sure that they will be gone before you even notice it. So it’s up to you whether you should double the dose.

Playful recipe and suitable for the kids. If you don’t want to get your hands chocolaty-dirty, you can assign the final part of shaping to them; not only they won’t mind but they will enjoy it to the fullest.

chocolate truffles

easy chocolate truffles

Easy chocolate truffles

Preparation: 45 minutes plus approximately, 30 minutes in the fridge for the chocolate to chill and become paste. Additional 1-½ hour in the fridge for the truffles to tighten. Chocolate truffles can be made well in advance and stored in the fridge for up to 4-5 days or in the freezer for more (up to a month). Defrost them in the fridge overnight before serving. Quick and very easy recipe.

Ingredients (for 30-40 truffles)
200gr double cream
300gr dark black chocolate/couverture, chocolate with 60+% cocoa solids/content
2 tbsps butter
2-3 tbsps brandy or cognac

preparing the chocolate mixture with cream

To prepare the chocolate mixture: Break the couverture in pieces and put it in a large bowl. Heat gently the cream in a saucepan (medium temperature) until simmering (do not boil). Remove from heat, pour over the couverture and stir until chocolate is completely melted.

Add the butter and brandy and stir again until you have a smooth thick cream (and somewhat solid). Allow to cool and put it in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes.

adding butter and make the chocolate paste

To make the chocolate truffles: Line a tray with parchment paper. Take the mixture out of the fridge -by now it should look like paste- and stir (to make it more fluffy). Take a spoonful of paste and use your fingers to form little balls of 2 cm in diameter.

Note: You can make bigger ones, by using more paste, we suggest the cute, small sized chocolate truffles though.
As you work with the chocolate, it gets warmer, thus creating a quite sticky mixture. it helps if you wet your fingers with some brandy – that way the shaping will become easier and the truffles more aromatic. Generally, keep in mind that the whole process should be done relatively quickly.

making the chocolate truffles - hand shaping

Coat the truffles straight after shaping by rolling in your chosen topping (we used cocoa and walnut). Arrange on the greaseproof paper and put them in the fridge for 1-1 ½ hour. Keep them covered in a cool place or in the fridge (especially during summer months).

chocolate truffles

Note: Make a chocolate bar. Instead of many small truffles, you can put the mixture in a greaseproof paper and fold it in the form of a bar or log. Put it in the fridge and keep it there until needed.

To serve: Chocolate truffles look amazing in a serving tray or platter sprinkled with the same topping ingredient. You may also use the classic papers cases, similar to the ones for muffins, to offer them in a box.

cocoa chocolate truffles

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