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bloody mary

Early evening, I arrive home stressed and exhausted at that magic front door where the doorbell has my name on it. All I want to do is slip into the comfortable, bespoke suit of ME. Before I even get into the whole “what ‘s for dinner” debate, I need at least half an hour of me-time. The taste catalyst that will bring about the unwinding I need, in this sacred half hour, can be found in one of the classic cocktails. So, having returned to the homestead, but still not feeling completely at home yet, I want to exert my last effort in preparing … MY Bloody Mary!

For some unknown reason, I always associate Bloody Marys with aeroplane drinks, and I know many of my friends have said the same. Maybe it’s the cosmopolitan atmosphere….Maybe the memory of the first time on an Olympic flight, when I was served with what in those days I thought was a wonderful Bloody Mary mixer. Anyway, it still gives me a feeling of lift-off and landing, helps me make the journey back to familiarity and cuts me off from the stress of before, landing me back in my own world so that, by the last sip, I can get on with the rest of the evening with renewed vigour. In the magic world of drink, this is known as a “picker-upper”, where the reference drink is Gin and Tonic, but in my view, the most completely personal cocktail with the most exciting taste is ….YOUR BLOODY MARY!

After 20 years of experience in the drinks trade and at least 30 years as a social drinker, I think I’m qualified to have an opinion on the matter and can dispel some conservative myths that insist on a certain “protocol” at the expense of individual taste and enjoyment. For me, the wonderful thing about the Bloody Mary is that it lends itself to individual recipes. It isn’t a “one size fits all” drink – more a treat that be made exactly to YOUR specifications. It’s this individuality that brings our soul back to our home environment as we celebrate our own personal taste through OUR OWN EXCLUSIVE RECIPE. Even the care taken in its preparation becomes an enjoyable celebration of our individuality. I could learn to make any drink I am served with, and teach others how to make it, but only I have the right to make MY Bloody Mary…

So, this is the recipe for MY Bloody Mary

Into a tall Highball glass, with quite a few ice cubes inside, put…

1 slice of lemon
The juice from 1/3 of the lemon I already cut
Salt and pepper
1 shot (40 ml) Stolichnaya Vodka
13 drops Worcestershire Sauce
8 drops Tabasco
1 small can V8 tomato and vegetable juice
1 celery stick to serve and as stirrer
The secret ingredient: the desire to be uplifted

I mix the ingredients and savour it in my home, in touch with myself and my life!

These quantities are written only because I don’t want you to follow them. It’s mine and mine only, a highly personal possession! I assure you that you won’t like it and under no circumstances  do  I want you to even THINK about stealing it. Experiment, find your own, play around with the basic ingredients.

MINE only works its magic on ME…

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