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Watermelon cocktail with ginger and lime
Watermelon cocktail with ginger and lime, with or without alcohol

The cocktails made with summer fruits (think about the first class Bellini) are refreshing and full of breeze flavours. Their vibrant colours make them impressive as well. The watermelon cocktail is the fruity leader of the seasonal red that comes out on stage dressed in cool, sweet aromas of ginger and lime. Applause everybody!
Try it ice-cold with a splash of vodka or rum, although it is just as enjoyable when alcohol-free.

Adjust the quantity of sugar according to your taste. Or skip it, if you prefer it plain, or the watermelon itself is too sweet. You can also serve the cocktail in a large bowl (just like a Sangria), adding extra watermelon cut in small cubes. In the photo, the watermelon cocktail was served in a minimal way with a couple of antioxidant mint leaves.

Watermelon cocktail with ginger and lime

Preparation: 10 minutes approx. You can make the juice ahead and keep it in the fridge until serving time. Optional: freeze the glasses. Quick and easy recipe.

Ingredients (for 6 glasses)
1 kg watermelon, weighted after rind and seeds have removed
Zest and juice of 1 ½ limes
2 tsp minced ginger or 2 pieces stem ginger, finely chopped
Vodka or Rum (optional)
4-6 tbsp caster sugar (depending on your taste)

To serve
Ice cubes
1 mint leaf cut into thin stripes plus 12 whole leaves
Ice-cold glasses (optional)

Preparation: Cut the watermelon in pieces and put it in the blender. Add lime juice, ginger and sugar and blend to a liquid, then press through a sieve or strainer.

Refrigerate for at least 10 minutes or until serving.

To serve: Divide the juice between the glasses, add the striped mint leaf and vodka (or rum), if using. Use a ratio of 1:3 to 1:5, depending on your alcohol preferences. Finish the watermelon cocktail with ice cubes and a couple of whole mint leaves. Cheers!

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