Greek Tiganites – egg-less pancakes the easiest way

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Traditional Greek tiganites - egg-less mini pancakes
Traditional Greek tiganites with various toppings

Here it is; the easiest recipe for Greek tiganites, the traditional egg-less mini pancakes made with just 3 ingredients. For lazy days and relaxed Sundays, for pleasing both adults and kids and for all the times that you don’t want to eat another slice of bread with jam or honey or even with your favourite cheese.

This is a basic recipe, extremely simple as it comes from old periods when people’s food had to rely on primary ingredients like flour. Yeast, sugar and milk are totally optional. But, of course, you can improvise the subject, if you like, by adding i.e. vanilla or some cinnamon that will redirect the taste and the flavour of the pancakes.

Greek tiganites are traditionally served warm with honey or icing sugar. Marmalade or a chocolate spread, fresh fruits, cheese, even clotted cream also make a delicious pairing.

Greek Tiganites - egg-less mini pancakes the easiest way

Greek Tiganites – easy egg-less mini pancakes

Ingredients (for 24 pancakes 7 cm diameter or 35-40 pancakes 4 cm diameter)
6 full tbsp. flour (130-140gr)
1 cup lukewarm water (250ml)
½ tsp. salt
4 tbsp. oil (for frying)

Greek Tiganites - egg-less mini pancakes the easiest wayGreek Tiganites - egg-less mini pancakes the easiest way

Preparing the pancake mixture: Mix all the ingredients together (apart from oil) with a whisk or a fork. Make sure that the mixture doesn’t have lumps and leave to rest for half an hour.

Frying: Make the mini pancakes in batches. In a pan (medium temperature) heat the oil and pour one spoon of the mixture for each pancake. Cook for about half a minute, flip them once and cook for another half a minute until the pancakes are golden. Transfer in a platter covered with kitchen paper.

Serving: Greek tiganites are served hot. Add honey or jam, cream and strawberries, chocolate and hazelnuts, creamy cheese or any other topping inspire your palette.

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