pasta with truffle sauce and olives, a 5.5 euro luxury

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pasta with truffle sauce

Probably the most successful gourmet discovery I made recently, and the best taste-price combination that exists on the market! A sauce with pieces of truffle and olives, with an impeccable flavour, adequate aroma and enough quantity for a decent pasta dish for 3 to 4 people. Amazing to have this luxury on your table at a cost of only 5,5 euros! This pasta with truffle sauce and olives is the epitome of fast gourmet for those who do not even want to know where fast food is available.

Truffle sauces, like truffle oil, are among the products that bring to the table the special flavour and most-desired taste of these expensive subterranean mushrooms, which were described by Pythagoras and Galen 2,500 years ago. Today, truffles are a stock exchange commodity of great value, much in demand by diners with gourmet palates on the planet. They are detected by trained dogs or pigs, squirrels, deer, and even bears, their price varying according to species, age, and quantity available in the market, but always remaining high.

Truffle sauce (based on olive oil and/or other ingredients, carefully selected and combined) plays the role of the affordable substitute perfectly, and for that reason, is accepted and welcomed as a ready gourmet delicacy, an ultra-gourmet choice, especially when it has a (more than) decent taste. Therefore, it is entitled to be an exception among the prepared sauces, which are difficult to include, given pandespani’s framework.

The combination of truffle and olive works fine taste-wise, though if I had a fresh truffle in my hands, I would hardly choose it such a sauce, as I always have this feeling that the truffle is so valuable in itself that it needs no other ingredients, apart from a little butter or olive oil. Hence, I recommend this one, having tested and confirmed its palatability and flavour―which are the decisive factors.

If a simple pasta dish is transformed by one of its ingredients, even though this cannot be considered a recipe, it shows how important raw materials sometimes are, even in tiny quantities. And, of course, nobody is going to tell you “No, thank you”, if you ask him to join in the feast.

Pasta with truffle sauce and olives

Preparation: 10 minutes overall. Very easy and quick recipe.

Ingredients (serves 3-4)
¾ -1 packet of pasta (500 gr)
80 gr truffle sauce (on jar)
30-50 gr butter
8 black olives, cut in half lengthwise and pitted
salt for boiling (2-3 tbps)
freshly ground pepper

pasta with truffle sauce

To prepare the pasta: Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until al dente according to the instructions on the packet. Strain and reserve a cup of pasta boiling water. Return to the pan and add the butter, truffle sauce and olive. Stir. If you think that the sauce is a bit dry add a little pasta water.
To serve: Serve on warm plates or platter (depending on the season), arrange the pasta with truffle sauce and olives, and add on the side and on top chopped olives.


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