shiny Brussels sprouts: green power


shiny Brussels sprouts

It may be their minion size, their colour or how tightly folded they are, maybe even a combination of these all, but it’s difficult to disagree that Brussels sprouts hold the title of the cutest vegetables one can find in a kitchen. Too small compared to the regular cabbage, and like David and Goliath, their secret power lies in the intense, buttery flavour they gain when cooked.

Coming from the family of the wild crucifer cabbage, they belong to the same species with broccoli, named Brassica oleracea. Its cultivation is associated with ancient Rome, although its present form has probably occurred in the early 13th century to today’s Belgium, near Brussels, from where the rest of the name arises. The Dutch, who hold the title of the nation with the biggest production of sprouts in Europe, were great proponents of this food and made sure to spread the knowledge in the North countries, back in the 16th century.

Brussels sprouts

British people, who have included them in their food planner, collect them after the seventh time of frozen temperatures and usually cook them for too long, something that results in the loss of a considerable part of their nutritional ingredients, famous for their antioxidant and anticancer properties (some research even claims that they are ideal for the prevention of gastric and colon cancer). What is more, they give out a quite unpleasant smell like sulphur.

Βrussels sprouts’ tasty, nutritional and aesthetic value can beautifully accompany meat dishes especially in recipes combined with fruits. They can also be enjoyed with hunt.

This one is a truly quick and simple recipe that can be made at home and doesn’t share the English way of cooking. What is really important to do though, is to use fresh and small sprouts, which they will keep their savory and delicate taste – if cooked briefly. So the tip to success is not to come out overcooked.
shiny Brussels sprouts

Preparation: 10 minutes and 8 minutes to cook. Quick and easy recipe. You can also boil them earlier and complete the recipe just before the serving.

Ingredients (serves 4)
400g Brussels sprouts
salt, freshly grated pepper
20g butter
2 tbsps water

shiny Brussels sprouts

To prepare the sprouts: Cut the bases and remove the damaged leaves.
Boil them in very salted water for 5-6 minutes, depending on the size, dropping them in while the water is boiling. Drain and allow them to cool by placing them under running water. Before serving, melt the butter in the water (2 tbps) at medium temperature, add the sprouts and stir well for 2 minutes until they are warm enough and polished.
To Serve: Put the shiny Brussels sprouts in a warm platter and serve.

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