the perfect unpeeled fried potatoes ala French


perfect unpeeled fried potatoes
Yes, i know. The first reaction is “oh, now they’re gonna tell us how to make fried potatoes” in a blog like pandespani, where our fans have been proven quite knowledgeable when it comes to cooking…. But even the most common recipes in this world, those that we theoretically know since we first touched the pan in the hob, have precious little secrets and some extra room for tips that will make them fantastic. Unpeeled fried potatoes ala French don’t lack secrets to get perfect.

The particular recipe belongs to Ms Pandespani, a recipe that myself execute as it is quite similar to mine… well, a bit better (she’s got the talent… what can i say… every time I’m challenging myself to beat her but rarely do I succeed. I do, once in a while, though!)

Here it is recorded as a side dish to steak tartare but it can be certainly used in every case. If you follow all the steps, your success will only depend on the quality of potatoes you will use, which is unfortunately not predictable because it is not only the potato type or source but also the season or the harvest that you’ll get…

However, no matter which potatoes you’ll use, in the following way they will come out perfectly fried and crispy. Also, the result will be even better if you cook them on gas rather than electric kitchen, like most foods, since, because of the absence of electrical resistance and a thermostat, you are the sole master regulator of temperature.

Unpeeled fried potatoes

1 kg potatoes (ideally Russet Burbank or Maris Piper or from Cyprus)
oil in the fryer 50% olive oil– 50% corn oil or sunflower oil
kosher salt

french unpeeled fried potatoes

Preparation: Wash the potatoes very well externally, cleaning any possible soils with a sponge and remove any black spots or stains. Cut them (with your hand or the mandolin slicer) in thin slices, a little less than half a centimetre and then to similar in thickness, strips.

Set the fryer in the maximum temperature and pour the oil until it becomes smoking hot. Put 1 or 2 doses of the potatoes inside (depending on the fryer size). After 5 minutes, stir 1-2 times by shaking the net to turn them over.

crispy unpeeled fried potatoesIn approx. 15-20 minutes (depending on fire and the potatoes), when they seem almost ready (they should have become golden and are no longer raw), do the magic trick: Lift the strainer with the potatoes and leave it quietly sitting on the walls of the fryer for almost 2 minutes, as the oil burns underneath raising temperature.

Then, put them back in for 1 to 1.5 minute. This is the secret that leaves them perfectly crispy.
Empty them from the strainer to a dish covered with double kitchen paper, to absorb excess oil. Slightly salt them while hot and transfer to a serving platter.
Νote: In the case that 2 doses of frying are needed, take each one off 1 minute earlier and throw them again in the hot oil in the end, so they are all crispy and in the same temperature before the serving.

crunchy unpeeled fried potatoesThe perfect side for the unpeeled fried potatoes, especially if you’re not on a diet, is the lighter homemade mayonnaise ala pandespani according to the culinary standards of Belgians and Dutch who enjoy them either as a separate dish or with steamy mussels.

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