tomato marmalade with kirsch


tomato marmalade with kirsch

With the current appearance of pandespani and the tomatoes on and into the recipe, I almost have the feeling that I am in a huge tomato pool, red and sparkling, jumping in a tomato springboard and bloom! I dive into the sweet syrup, some pieces float like airbeds, I hold onto the big seeds that look like oval kitchen potholders and I slowly swim, while a marmalade flavoured dream is playing in my computer screen.

Tomato marmalade with kirsch is the recipe, and it is simply super, that I can guarantee. I was playing with the idea for a long time, so I looked into my books and I did my google search, I dug into grandma’s’ recipes and chef’s notebooks. I learned everything about the issue in the 4 cardinal points and in an equal number of languages, I tested the recipe, not once or twice but 4 times, dividing the content in additional pans, I followed different ways and proportions and gave all the jars to my friends, gathering helpful feedback.

After all these, prouder than ever, I share with you the latest recipe that includes only the necessary to make the marmalade perfectly tasty and aromatic, with a nice colour and the minimum portion of sugar. Use the special sugar for marmalades a.k.a. jam sugar that has pectin.

tomato marmalade with kirsch

I also note some important things, some to do and some others to avoid.

  • You can leave the Kirsch out and make the marmalade plain, or replace it with raki, some eau de vie or grappa. You will have a marvelous result.
  • This is a basic recipe for tomato marmalade aiming to be eaten with bread but also to match salty food, such as cheese (goat cheese, Parmesan or mozzarella di Bufala), plain or fried (i.e. Camembert, Talagani etc), thus with any needless deco or additional aromas.
  • If you definitely want to add something, use some Pelargonium otherwise called stork’s-bills.

Do not do, even if grandma’s recipe and Larousse Gastronomique say so.

  • Don’t put any lemon. It doesn’t need it to bind, instead of creating a nice colour, it spoils it plus it doesn’t add to the taste, more like gives it a sour aftertaste, which also doesn’t match homemade bread.
  • Vanilla tends to cover the tomato scent. If you insist to add it, use a pretty small amount.
  • Careful not to over boil the tomato marmelade. Even if it seems a bit watery, remove from the heat when the time is up.

And don’t reveal to anyone what it is. 😉 Let them guess!

tomato marmalade with kirsch

Tomato marmalade with kirsch

Preparation: 15 minutes and 1,5 hours for the cooking. Tomatoes skin is easily removed if you put them into boiling water for 1 minute. The required cooling time for the marmalade depends on the season. Easy recipe.

Ingredients (for approx. 1 kg marmalade)
2,5 kg mature, firm, sleeveless tomatoes
1,2 kg jam sugar (with pectin)
3 kirsch shots
tomato marmalade with kirschtomato marmalade with kirsch

To prepare the tomatoes: Cut them in small cubes (approx. 1- 1.5 cm.) and put them in a strainer for almost 1 hour to drain well.

tomato marmalade with kirschtomato marmalade with kirsch

Το prepare the marmalade: Transfer them into a big wide pan, preferably heavy-bottomed, add sugar, 1 cup from their juice and 1 Kirsch shot. Set the temperature in medium heat, stir with a wooden spoon, and once it starts to boil, skim and slightly lower the temperature to prevent the foam from overflowing.

Stir and in 3-4 minutes lower the temperature to minimum and simmer for 1 hour and 35-40 minutes. Add the remaining kirsch (2 shots), raise the heat to medium-low, stir and cook for 7 minutes. Remove and allow cooling completely.
Put the clean jars (and lids) on a rack in boiling water for 10 min. Use tongs to lift and empty, and place them in the oven to dry. Fill with tomato marmalade. Close firmly, turn upside down and leave them like this for 24 hours.

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