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About us: the site and the founder - Ms PandespaniThis blog is about cool ideas and clever gourmet recipes for the everyday table that yes, I’ve tried and tested them all. They are flavours that I love and have become part of my culinary world but surprisingly come from all over the globe.

Authentic Mediterranean recipes – Italian, Greek, French mainly – reveal their history and secrets through their step by step preparation, while dishes with a twist compete for the palate.
There are tips on how and why something should or should not be done to obtain the best possible results in the kitchen. I genuinely find cooking incredibly enjoyable and I’m sure that you find it just as exciting.

I love cooking for friends (they’re pretty keen on me doing it too), my family, and of course, myself. I adore trying new flavours and finding out about other cultures through their local cuisines. Food history is a pretty exciting affair. Ancient Greeks were fond of eating big fishes baked with sophisticated methods such as presented in the salt-baked fish recipe. Romans and other old civilisations expanded the food trade of the antiquity because they had developed refined food preferences.

Cooking is a fabulous adventure. Amazing codes lay behind some practices sometimes. There is always something just as magical about a well-made, but simple recipe as in a complicated dish. If I had to choose, yes, I’d have …both.

“I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation”

I relish my food and especially appreciate artisan chefs. Their talented hands transform simple, local products into unique, memorable flavours. Taste holds bright accents and a soul full of mystery.

On the other hand, contemporary chefs conceive various extravagant recipes and courses following innovative techniques. Their artistic minds imaginatively approach ingredients, cooking and baking. We are impressed to savour their rather orchestrated, bizarre concepts, not just their excellent food.

There are infinite yummy choices when the topic comes to the desire for food and the pleasure of cooking. What I like utmost? Which cuisine I prefer? Well, I enjoy everything, if it is well prepared, made with passion and fresh ingredients – charmingly presented counts as a bonus.

I undoubtedly declare eager to creatively learn and experience the world through tastes, aromas, spices and senses that every place stirs in different tones and flavourful hues.
In other words, as Madame Benoît said, “I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation.” And pandespani.com is a site that travels and explores all these delicious variations. (20.12.2009)